Poetto and Second Life

Thanks to the spread of the Internet, computer experts have been able to re-create 3D environments for museums, monuments, shops and places of interest for tourists allowing people to enjoy real places in a virtual world. Using the so called Second life platform, a virtual tridimensional space created and developed by its same users, Areasardinia proposes the beach of Poetto. Just entering the net , comfortably sitting at home, you will be able to visit one of the dearest places to Cagliari’s inhabitants and to any tourist visiting the city in the summer. The beach has been re created also to recall the memories of those who lived the time when the Lido was started. If you visit Poetto on Second Life, you’ll see the famous “casotti”, you’ll be able to live the atmosphere of the beach in the 1970s. Just like in the USA American experts often create fantastic 3D worlds, we have turned a place that people can really visit and explore into virtual reality. Entering the Net, you can live in Poetto for a while, you can admire the “Sella del Diavolo” and the flamingos in the not far from there. Surfing the Web you’ll really experiment the sensation of being there and those who have already known the beauty of that beach will be able to go back in time to their lovely memories, as it happened to a lady from Cagliari who saw the reconstruction of the beach and was deeply emotionally  involved. Poetto on Second Life is also a meeting place: you can chat and share information, meet new people and talk with friends on the sea shore. Second Life is really a peculiar world, where you can buy a piece of land and build a house. Even if the truth is that you just rent a server and build a 3D world in an environment like Autocad’s or 3dStudio’s , you really get the impression of seeing districts, villages and buildings arise.

There’s a great demand of good “builders”, as Second Life’s builders are called, especially by people who start this type of activity, and of course they look for the best ones who have specialized in the construction of these tridimensional sites. The “builder” who has created  Poetto of Cagliari is called Gigios Hax, this is his avatar’s name. It’s a well known builder from Liguria, who is also famous for his 3D reconstruction of the “Porto Antico” of Genoa and of plenty of objects for Second Life such as clothes, plants and houses that are sold in his virtual shops. If you have a walk along Poetto Beach on Second Life, you may happen to meet him.