Poetto today

Poetto Beach is the most visited shore in Cagliari and the dearest one to both people from Cagliari and to tourists who choose to spend their holiday in this part of Sardinia. It is a wide sweep of sand overlooked by a headland called “Sella del Diavolo” (the Devil’s saddle), by the little Harbour of Marina Piccola that includes a large area and outreaches the district of Quartu Sant’Elena.

Also known as “Spiaggia dei Centomila (beach of one hundred thousand) because of the great number of people who visit it especially in the summer, it represents a benchmark for local people and foreigners. When people who live in that area remember the steam trolley car that took tourists to the shore in the early XX century, they use to divide the beach into stages, that is to say they identify the public places and bars built on the shore by the  number of the corresponding trolley car stop.

Another benchmark for those who frequent the beach is Ospedale Marino. In the past this building was a hotel run by ESIT, the Sardinian Board for Industry and Tourism, then it was used as a hospital, but now it is no longer in use. Even nowadays Cagliari’s inhabitants use to indicate the position of a public place referring to its placement before or after the ESIT building.

The beach of Poetto is the ideal place to relax and enjoy the sea and the sun, but it is also a good place for an exciting beach volley match. Finally you can decide to spend a pleasant evening there, in the open air, to have an aperitif with your friends or a good evening meal in one of the many restaurants that are scattered along the beach.