Church of St Eulaia

Another interesting monument worth a visit in Marina quarter is St. Eulalia’s Church, that was built in Aragonese style in the 15th century. As it was damaged by bombs during the 2nd world war, it was restored in 1947.  Some documents kept with the Archbishop’s Administration say that the building already existed in the late 1570s.

You can get there by Via Roma, going along Via Barcellona till Via Sant’Eulaia, where you will find not only the Church, but also the archeological area. Because of  several renovations, the church has lost some of its previous importance from an architectonic point of view, but the area is still interesting mainly due to the archeologists’ research in the underground.  In fact this has produced the discovery of the stratifications which show the story of this area in detail since the Roman times up to the Middle Ages.

Outside the church, near the façade, there is a beautiful 40 metres high bell tower. The façade presents a wooden portal overlooked by a lunette and a rose window that gives light to the interior. As you pass the entrance door, the church’s plan includes one nave and eight chapels distributed on both sides.