Church of St. Agostino

In Marina quarter you also find St. Augustine’s Church. The older fifteenth-century Gothic church consacrated to this Saint was built outside the district’s walls, just in the place where they believed the body of the Saint had been buried. During the restauration of the city walls, the old church was damaged and in 1576 it was demolished. Only a little chapel of the old church was left, and you can still get there by the interior of a Palace in Largo Carlo Felice (Stampace side). Then Filippo II, king at that time, started the construction of a new building dedicated to the Saint. If you want to see it, take Largo Carlo Felice and get to Via Baylle, where you will be able to admire its facade.

The new building is especially meaningful for the local architecture as it contributed to the appearance of a new typology of monument inspired to Renaissance lines. Inside this Greek cross shaped Church, you can still visit the crypt that is reachable by a winding staircase. Don’t miss the marble classical altar which, according to some accounts, was built just to honour the place where they kept the body of the Saint.