Luigi Pomata


Luigi Pomata

Luigi Pomata (by Antonio Saba)

Luigi Pomata, a passion for cooking he inherited first by his grandfather Luigi then by his father Nicolo, a successful cook from Sardinia (even a  TV star)! now this a man who turned a pleasure into a job,  will  tell us about his love for cooking and good food.

Hello Luigi, let’s start this interview by talking about your life, where were you born?

I was born and brought up at Carloforte on the isle of San Pietro, off the southwestern side of Sardinia. Then, when I began to work as a cook, I moved to lots of different places in the world, Milan, London, New York. I travelled a lot…

How did your passion  rise and when did you understand that being a cook might have become a job?

I was practically brought up in the kitchen of my home, my grandfather Luigi started working in a tuna-fishing activity, he was also a farmer and was much involved in cooking, too. Then my father continued this tradition. I was lucky as I had a clever family who let me cultivate my passion and encouraged me to study and know other cultures travelling around the world. In 1993, 1994 I realized that being a cook could become my job, a beautiful job!

Travelling has helped you a lot for your work…

Yes, it has. Travelling around the world I have been able to  know various types of cooking, different customs and typical traditions. I think there isn’t one most formative experience because everything I’ve seen and lived has been useful to improve myself and learn something new. I am satisfied with what I have done so far.

In a word you really like your job. What are its positive aspects and the negative ones, if there are some?

My greatest contentment is my ability to satisfy the customers who have lunch or dinner in the rooms where I work with my family. It is nice to realize that my efforts and expertise can let me give them what they are looking for: dishes prepared with season products, light recipes based on selected raw material. I don’t think of myself as a restaurant manager, I think that whoever comes to my restaurant is a guest at my home first of all! I try to offer the best of everything and I feel happy when I see a customer or a  friend appreciating the meal I prepared for him.

And what about the negative aspects of your work…?

Maybe a negative aspect is the fact  that this work is not based on a precise  timetable….you are busy all day …. You know at what time you enter the kitchen, but you don’t know when you will be able to leave it!

You work with a team of people you really trust very much…

The staff in Cagliari’s restaurant includes 16 people, who work very well together and who are really professional. Not only is working with such a capable group very pleasant, but it also assures good results!

Do you always assist your staff in the kitchen or can they manage themselves without you?

It depends. Sometimes I stay in the kitchen, sometimes I take the customers’ orders in the dining room. I like meeting the customers who choose my place, I think the best way of doing this job also includes being in contact with people sitting at the table.…

Now let’s pass to a tasty question: you are considered the ‘tuna fish cook’, what is your specialty?

First of all tuna fish must be eaten in the place where it has been caught, and that’s the most important thing. In my restaurants I always serve very fresh tuna fish, cooked in many different ways. For instance, I could advise you to taste a tartare or tuna fish seasoned with mature oil…

Thanks to your recipes you have also become famous taking part to a cooking competition called “Prova del Cuoco”, was it by chance?

I started collaborating with RAI TV in 2000, it was a really nice experience. It happened by chance, they were looking for a cook from Sardinia and after going for an audition, they chose me. After that I was called for many other TV shows by Sky, Alice and Gambero Rosso. The only problem with cooking on TV is that, unfortunately, the audience can’t get the flavor of the dishes that are being prepared!

I know you have got a 7 years old son called Niccolò, do you think he is going to follow your example as you did with your father and your grandfather?

I don’t know if Niccolò wants to be a cook. At present I can only say he has a really good nose for food…he tastes everything and he enjoys  good  food!

If you want to meet Luigi Pomata here is some useful information:

Ristorante Luigi Pomata

Viale Regina Margherita, 14


Tel. 070672058

The restaurant is open all the year round (except on the days that precede and follow a festivity)  and on Sunday from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. and from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m.

In the summer the kitchen also closes later!

Average price for lunch: min.  15 euro

Average price for dinner: min. 35 euro

Ristorante Da Nicolo

Lungomare Battellieri

Carloforte, Isola di San Pietro

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