Getting ready to visit the District of Castello

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Preliminary remarks

The medieval District of Castello is the heart of the city and it is the most ancient historical area of the 4 existing ones in Cagliari. It is situated on a hill about  100 metres above the sea level. It was founded by the people from Pisa in the 13th century. Since that time and up to the second world war it has hosted the houses of powerful people and of the nobles.

How to get to Cagliari

By plane: Elmas airport

By sea: Grandi Navi Veloci, Grimaldi group, Moby lines, Tirrenia shipping lines

By train: Ferrovie dello stato, Ferrovie della Sardegna railways

Public transport: Ctm, Arst, Nicolgroup buses and coaches

Not to be missed

-          Stately Pisa’s towers of St.Pancrazio and of the Elephan

-          Bastions of Saint Remy and of the Lionsi

-          Cathedral of Santa Maria

-          Ancient buildings such as the Royal Palace

-          The Citadel of museums

Interesting monuments

-          Tower of St.Pancrazio and Tower of the Elephant: they are both in the style from Pisa. The former stands on the highest point in the city, the latter derives its name from a stone elephant which is placed on an angle  console.

-          Bastion of Saint Remy: it was built in the 17th century on the ancient Spanish ramparts of  Zecca and Sperone. Its façade is made of white and yellow granite and limestone.

-          Royal Palace (or the Palace of the Viceroy): at present it is the seat of the Prefecture and the meeting place for the Council of the Province, but in the past it was the house of the Viceroy of the Reign of Sardinia.

-          Palace of  Seziate: it was the place where the Viceroy listened to the demands of the prisoners who were kept in the nearby Tower of St. Pancrazio.

-          University Palace: built in the 18th century, in Piedmontese baroque style, it is the main seat of University in Cagliari.

-          Boyl Palace: it’s a neoclassical building which takes in the Portico delle Grazie (Porch of  Charms) and the ruins of the 14th century Tower of the Eagle.

-          Town Hall: it was built at the beginning of the 20th century in neo – gothic style.

-          Seven neo-Gothic Aragonese churches: Chiesa della Purissima, Chiesa di Santa Lucia, Chiesa della Madonna della Speranza, Chiesa di Santa Maria del Monte.

-          Baroque churches: Basilica di Santa Croce, Chiesa di San Giuseppe Calasanzio, and the most important one, that is the Cattedrale di Santa Maria, built by the people from Pisa in the 13th century.


The most interesting museums are in the so called Citadel of Museums, which was built in the District of Castello in the 1970s. Some important ones are the Archaelogical Museum, the Pinacoteca Nazionale (National Gallery), the Collezione delle Cere Anatomiche “Susini” (Susini’s set of anatomy waxwork) and “Stefano Cardu” Eastern Art  Museum. Besides the museums included in the Citadel, you can also visit the Capitolare Museum, where you can see the Treasure of the Cathedral, and “Luigi Piloni”’s Art collection which is situated inside the University Palace.

Where you can eat and sleep


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