Castello in less than 2 hours

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You can park your car easily in Via Porcell. Then go into Via dei Genovesi on foot.

The historical centre of Castello

Walk along Via dei Genovesi for a few metres, then turn right into Via Santa Croce, in the area of the old “Ghetto of the Jews”.

  • Visit the Basilica of Santa Croce. ( in the past it was a synagogue).
  • Enjoy the wonderful view of the city from the Bastion of Santa Croce. The walls enclose the historical district of Castello.
  • Give yourself a break at Caffè Libarium

The Tower of the Elephant

After relaxing for a while, go on and walk along Via Santa Croce  till you reach the Tower of the Elephant, a defensive bulwark which dates back to the 14th century. It is still one of the approaches to the historical centre of Castello within the walls.

The Bastion of  Saint Remy

Go past the university area and move towards the Bastion of Saint Remy, one of the most important ramparts in the district., even if it is of more recent origin, as it dates back to the 19th century. It connects the District of Castello to the quarters of Villanova and Marina just below.
The promenade often hosts cultural events and especially art exhibitions.

Piazza Palazzo (Palazzo square)

You can now go to your car, walking backwards along Via dei Genovesi, but if you have some spare time left, you can move into Via del Fossato and reach piazza Palazzo where you will be able to see both the Cathedral of St. Maria di Castello and Palazzo Regio (the Palace of the King).

Scheduled itinerary

P Porcell Parking area 0 min
Ghetto of the Jews Area 15 min
Basilica S.Croce Church 10 min
Bastion of S.Croce Monument 10 min
Caffè Libarium Break 20 min
Tower of the Elephant Monument 10 min
Bastion of St. Remy Monument 15 min
Cathedral of St. Maria Church 15 min
Piazza Palazzo Area 10 min