The Cathedral

La Cattedrale di Cagliari

Walking in the city centre, you get to Palazzo Square. If you look up, you will see the façade of the Cathedral, with its impressive grandeur. It is consecrated to our Lady of the Assumption and to St. Cecilia martyr; it is the main church in the area and in the city. It was built in 200 in Romanesque style from Pisa and was later modified under baroque influence. As you come to the square, stop for a while and admire the white façade, that was rebuilt in the first decades of XX century, using the stone from Bonaria hill in the style from Pisa. Then cross the entrance door and enjoy the charming interior which is really worth visiting. The church has a nave and two aisles and its chapels are  placed on both sides. The right aisle includes the Chapel of Santa Cecilia, the patron Saint of the cathedral, the Chapel dedicated to Our Lady of St. Eusebio and the Chapel of St. Michele. In the left aisle there are the Chapel of Virgin of Mercede, entirely built in marble, the Chapel of St. Barbara and of the Holy family and the one of Baptistery. Now look at the beautiful marble marquetry of the floor which was built around the middle of the 20th century keeping to the original drawings of the 17th century. After that, don’t forget to see the sanctuary of Martyrs which is situated under the presbytery and the choir. It was commissioned by Monsignor De Esquivel (who was the archbishop of Cagliari till 1624) in order to honour the city martyrs, and it is completely digged into the rock. It was opened in 1618 and it  has been restored recently. You should also admire the two pulpits which are considered among the finest works in the Cathedral.